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Hybrid Solar System for Home Villa

1. Benefits

  • Ensure the security camera is always in good working condition, even when the utility grid brakes off
  • Smart automatic switching (ATS), does not affect the operation of electronic devices such as PC, TV, router internet,...
  • Ensuring continuous operation for necessary equipment in the family such as security cameras, priority lights, fans, TVs, router internet, refrigerators, food freezers, domestic water pumps, electric doors, ...
  • Support SmartHome system
  • Generate electricity daily, reduce electricity bill for family every month.
  • Reduce the cost of partial heat-resistant materials for roofs and equipment on the roof.
  • There is no need to buy a generator and still maintain necessary equipment in the event of a grid failure.

2. Advantages

  • Maintenance is much simpler than conventional generators.
  • Fully automatic operation, compatible with SmartHome system.
  • No noise, no smell, no need for periodic maintenance like gasoline-powered generators.

3. Features

  • Supply power 24/7 for house consumption, even if utility grid is off.
  • Actively produce electricity every day, reduce power consumption from EVN.
  • Fully automatic operation. Smart automatic switching (ATS), does not disrupt electrical equipment when it needs to switch power.
  • AC power supply works similar to gasoline generators, but does not need refueling and operates continuously 24/7.

4. Operating

Nguyên lý máy phát điện mặt trời cho gia đình, biệt thự
  • Direct current (DC) from the Solar battery array provides power to the Inverter
  • The inverter converts DC into AC 220V 50Hz to feed the load
  • If the capacity from the solar cell is not enough for the load, the capacity from the battery will be compensated.
  • If the capacity from the solar panel is larger than the load capacity, the excess capacity will be charged to the battery.
  • When the capacity from the battery and solar panels are no longer sufficient for the load, the capacity from the grid will be taken to compensate for the missing.
  • When the capacity from the solar panels is much more than load, the battery is full, then it can be configured to feed back to the utility grid, providing for other loads in the house or sell to EVN.

5. For customers

  • Villa, household with high level life style
  • Business with high priority device need power suply 24/7 even utility grid is off.
  • Power compensation, voltage compensation for the grid

6. Sample proposal